Female Strippers & Rolypoly Stripper for hire

Are you After Something to seriously make your stag night in Prague Rock!

Female strippers & Fat Rolypoly Strippers in Prague can be a total winner!

As well as being known for brilliant bar crawls, Cheap drinks and planned Activities Prague is a perfect choice for Stag nights and birthdays.

We recommend:

Female strippergrams

A strippergram is a Sexy and naughty show for a lucky someone. Of course all the lads can watch. The show can include him being humiliated which makes it even more fun. We recommend you choose a costume theme that fits in with the stag do or birthday. Maybe the stag Dislikes the police or has run in to trouble with the law. Hire him a hot female police officer to arrest him at a bar or even at the hotel.

Few ideas:

Miss Whip Lash
French Maid
Normal clothes Prank

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Secret Things to Do In Prague

While your tour-guide may take you to the several museums, galleries, theatres, and other historical exhibits, there are more that the ‘the city of a hundred spires’ can offer you. A little adventure does no harm in Prague, so derail from the tourist track and try the following:
Try the urban woodland You will have the options of visiting several parks, one that can offer you the true feel unadulterated Czech nature is the Divaka Sarka. This beautiful valley, which is only a short ride away from the city can offer you an unforgettable experience.
Try some coffee with Kafta and Einstein You will likely see so many wonderful cafés in Prague. There are some, however, that you may not spot due to their being locations. One of such is the Café Louvre, famed to have been the favourite of such persona as Einstein and Kafta. Their hot chocolate will take a spot in your brain.
Try the sex machine museum You won’t find this anywhere else in the world, so come off whatever reservations and exploit th…

Facts about Stag Night in Prague

It cannot be disputed that the best destination for a stag in the whole of Europe is Prague. In the ancient city, the groom-to-be and his friends will never find a dull moment. From AK-47 shooting experience to booze night pub crawl, steak and strip dinner, lap-dancing entry and several other crazy activities, a well-planned stag do a weekend in the Czech Republic capital can be a dream come true. The facts about what makes stag night in Prague different from that obtainable in Hamburg, Budapest, Berlin and the rest are as follows:
Beer is really cheap If you stick to beer in Prague, there is a great chance you will find it really difficult spending your money. For only £10, you will be rewarded with 10 pints of beer. What this means is that you can easily get hammered if you stick to beer. Wine and spirits cost more, but they are still relatively cheap when compared to what is obtainable in other cities.
It is super crazy at the Bars and Clubs There are several bars and clubs with a s…

Prague Best Bars 2017

Prague Best Bars 2017:When it comes to fantastic bars and pubs, the city of Prague cannot be pushed aside. Prague is an exceptional city filled with life. With lots of bars, pubs, and lounges at everywhere in the city, there is never a dull evening. The most amazing thing is that each and every one of these bars and pubs has something special to offer.
Your next visit to Prague will be incomplete without visiting any of these bars. Here, we take a look at some of the exclusive bars in Prague for you to slide in, unwind, and have a nice time.

1. Cash Only Bar
First on the list is the Cash Only Bar. This is a really great bar with extremely friendly staff and excellent customer service. The quality of drinks and cocktail served at Cash Only Bar are second to none in the city. The bar likewise offers a sophisticated lounge, as well as a cocktail room. In case you will like to relax and have a nice time at the bar, Cash Only Bar is definitely the right place to spend your evenings.

2. Ferd…