Secret Things to Do In Prague

While your tour-guide may take you to the several museums, galleries, theatres, and other historical exhibits, there are more that the ‘the city of a hundred spires’ can offer you. A little adventure does no harm in Prague, so derail from the tourist track and try the following:

Try the urban woodland
You will have the options of visiting several parks, one that can offer you the true feel unadulterated Czech nature is the Divaka Sarka. This beautiful valley, which is only a short ride away from the city can offer you an unforgettable experience.

Try some coffee with Kafta and Einstein
You will likely see so many wonderful cafés in Prague. There are some, however, that you may not spot due to their being locations. One of such is the Café Louvre, famed to have been the favourite of such persona as Einstein and Kafta. Their hot chocolate will take a spot in your brain.

Try the sex machine museum
You won’t find this anywhere else in the world, so come off whatever reservations and exploit the exclusive sex arena. Located near the Old Town Square, the museum houses a variety of sex machines and other erotic and sex-related artefacts.

Try the ancestral food
While you will have the chance to taste a great deal of Czech cuisine, there are some real traditional ones the regular kitchen will not want you to taste. This is because they can’t afford it, but you can. At La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise, you can have a taste of real national dishes. Their recipes are rumored to have come from a 19th-century book the manager found.

Try the jazz club
There is no telling what a great music can do to your soul while in Prague. Good live music in Prague are often not enjoyed by visitors because they good old jazz clubs are often ignored. Some of the good places where great jazz sounds can be enjoyed are U Maleho Glena, AghaRTA Jazz Centrum, and of course, Reduta.

Try the Zizkov TV tower
You will likely see the giant babies still trying to climb the TV tower. There is no point trying to assist them. Try it yourself. The spectacular view that the top of the tower offers is worth the effort by all measure and you can see why the giant babies have tenaciously continued their adventure.

Try the Argondian magical cave
The kingdom of Argondia was once the old mill home of painter and sculptor, Reon, who was born Jan Zahradnik. You should try and see some of the works Reon claims were inspired by personal visions. Just know, however, that you will first have to wonder the forest and garden of Petrin, just outside the city to find the magic cave.

Try the Astronomical clock.
Of course, you can’t visit Prague without seeing the clock unless… well, let’s leave it there. You probably have heard or read the legend of this 1380 wonder, if you haven’t, don’t bother. As you admire the outward complexity of the most remarkable Astronomical clock in the world, endeavor to climb upstairs and explore the incredible interior.

There you have it! All the above are some of the interesting things you really need to try out on your next visit to the city of Prague.


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